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We are so much more than a staffing agency. 

Our roster is comprised of industry-leading professionals with years of experience in their fields, whether it be production, logistics, quality, project/program management, or engineering, that can seamlessly integrate with your team.


Logistical support from Material Purchasing, Scheduling, Planning, and Warehouse Supervision, our experts can keep production running smoothly and avoids frustrating delays. 

Whether it's a Quality Engineer, Quality Tech, or Quality Systems Administrator, we fill the gaps that prevent reworks and ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Keep your production efficiency up and your costs down with our production expertise, including our expert Production Supervisors and Industrial Engineering resources.

Expert Temporary Talent

Problems and Challenges Solved

Closure of a major automotive Tier 1 supplier requiring transfer of production:

The Challenge

A client required support to close a major facility due to resourcing of their business. Due to the closure, attrition of resources to manage production was high requiring support from temporary resources.

The Ops OnSite Assignment:  Assign production supervision and planning support to maintain production until closure could be accomplished.

The Result: 

Maintained production with no missed shipments at similar quality as prior to the closure announcement.

A poorly designed warehousing operation systems produced shipping accuracy of 40% for key customer:

The Challenge: 

A client’s logistics operations were without standardized processes to conduct inbound and outbound shipments.

High-turnover at the facility exacerbated the problem as employees were trained to varying levels.


The Ops OnSite Assignment:

Allocate 2 industrial engineers to redesign material handling process to reduce errors and improve turn-time


The Result: 

  • The provided engineers delivered a clear process and standardized work instructions.

  • New process contributed to increased ship accuracy from 40% to 92% over span of 2-month enjoyment

  • 20% reduction in headcount from increased efficiency and better use of fixed-assets

Military manufacturer facing delayed product launch from tooling complications:

The Challenge: 

A small manufacturing client was faced with inadequate tooling for a new product.  Without the requisite internal engineering resources, they faced expensive quotes with lead times that would force a delay of production for a key government procurement window.

The Ops OnSite Assignment: Place a temporary tooling engineer into the operation to understand the requirements, then redesign, source, and inspect the required tooling.

The Result: 

  • Reduction of lead time by 4 weeks, allowing for on-time start of production

  • $10,000 cost savings on cost of tooling procurement

Our monitoring provides you with radical transparency to your performance . . .

Our performance data collection and analysis tools provide unmatched clarity into the operation.  Our radical transparency provides you the information to make the right decisions to effectively and efficiently execute


On-Site Performance Monitoring

Problems and Challenges Solved

Ops OnSite brings radical transparency throughout your processes, by monitoring and gathering actionable data, and analyzing it, to pinpoint failures and drive success.

Communication is critical in any organization.  We bridge the gaps from the shop floor to the

C-suite with direct, regular and credible reporting to help stay on course even when you can’t physically be there.

Your customer satisfaction is our top priority.  We maintain and improve client relations by ensuring their reporting needs are met with the right information at the right time.

On-Site Performance Monitoring

Problems and Challenges Solved

Motor supplier launch unable to achieve production at rate output contracted volumes:

The Challenge: 

Equipment designed in Japan, manufactured in Malaysia, and commissioned in Mexico – supplier unable to achieve production at rate output of the contracted volume.

The Ops OnSite Assignment:  Using Production.Net, collect hourly performance data,

analyze it automatically to provide multi-layered Pareto analysis, and associated actions plans followed in twice daily follow up sessions.


The Result: 

  • OEE increase from 30% to 85%

  • Production.Net left behind for the supplier to continue to manage their performance and report to their customer

Major automotive Tier 1 supplier launch of a high-risk magnesium casting supplied component:

The Challenge:

Automotive OEM had placed the tier 1 site on an escalated level of performance monitoring due to risk and previous performance. Their data collection related to production output was not timely, provided for limited analysis, and not transparent to their customers.

The Ops OnSite Assignment: 

Capture daily performance data and report to the OEM with the radical transparency, including weekly steering meetings with an analysis of the data.

The Result: 

  • Data gathered, and analysis provide allowed for –

  • OEE increase of 78%

  • 4-month payback for the client and 105% ROI

HVAC launch management failed run at rate events with OEM:

The Challenge: 

Production rate during the launch of an HVAC manufacturer was not capable of meeting the required volumes to satisfy their customers.  Run at rate events were failed multiple times.


The Ops OnSite Assignment:  Developed production tracking tool tailored to the client’’s process with multi-layered Pareto analysis and prioritized actions required to make improvement.

The Result: 

Achieved successful run at rate with OEM within two months.

 Tactical Ops Management that delivers . . .

In any region, our team mitigates risks and helps you manage your operations with proven processes, people and tools.  Our teams are proven production experts that can manage your operations when your resources are stretched or in need of coaching.


Tactical Ops Management

Problems and Challenges Solved

Operations management is our specialty.  Ops OnSite facilitates  industry best practices to keep your facility running at peak efficiency and reduce waste.

In critical projects, our experts help identify the warning signs and support preventative actions that limit downtime and protect delivery.

Our professionals can aid in product development and execution, delivering results that keep your your budget and schedule intact.

Tactical Operations Management

Problems and Challenges Solved

Automotive Tier 1 supplier service part process was unmanaged resulting in huge delivery backlog:

The Challenge: 

Processes to produce obligatory service parts delivery were developed and available, but the supervision to execute was not available in the organization.  Lack of supervision resulted in a service part backlog of approximately 12,000 parts.

The Ops OnSite Assignment:  Assign production supervision to execute and improve the service part production process to reduce the service part backlog.

The Result: 

Through production process analysis and management, the backlog of service part deliveries to the customer reduced to 0.

Major warehousing and distribution company lacking management structure at a critical site during high volume season:

The Challenge: 

A business critical distribution site had a recently hired General Manager and had begun to develop the organization around himself at the beginning of their peak volume shipping season which risked potential customer accounts.


The Ops OnSite Assignment:  Assign production supervision and team management on the shipping docks to shadow manage material handlers to the defined process efficiently.

The Result: 

Customers provided extremely positive testimonials to the client’s performance during the critical season. 

Beyond higher customer satisfaction, efficiency and cost were improved . . .

  • 8% improvement in material handling efficiency

  • 17% improvement in cost per carton handled

  • Cost savings of > $800,000

Tier 2 steel stamping supplier was unable to meet shipping windows

The Challenge: 

Leadership issues facing the plant led to neglect of storage processes.

Disorganization translated to long load times,  late deliveries, and the need for an additional expedite truck.

The Ops OnSite Assignment: Restore order to the outbound loading process by adding all-shift supervision coverage. The team was tasked with ensuring adherence to documented processes.



The Result:

  • Compressed median outbound load times from 200 minutes to 30 minutes

  • Extra expedite shipment cancelled

  • Restored process adherence to finished goods storage and  outbound shipping lanes

  • Smooth phased handoff of responsibilities plant employees after a 1.5-month engagement

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